Jenny Reynish

Paintings and Illustrations

Midday - oil on wide bar canvas

Indian Elephant Watercolour by Jenny Reynish

Garden Design - Watercolour Illustration by Jenny Reynish

oil on wide bar canvas
30 x 40 cm

'Indian Elephant'
34 x 45 cm

'Garden Design'
watercolour, illustration



Gardens of Delight - watercolour by Jenny Reynish

Elephant Journey by Jenny Reynish

Peacock Princess by Jenny Reynish

'Gardens of Delight'
watercolour, 40 x 60cm

'Elephant Journey'

'Peacock Princess'


Painting in Blue - watercolour by Jenny Reynish

little bird

Heron Painting - watercolour by Jenny Reynish

'Painting in Blue'
watercolour, 60 x 40cm

'Little Bird'
oil on wide bar canvas
25 x 36 cm

'Heron Painting'
watercolour, 60 x 40cm